Image for Kegs On Deck

When viewing the web version of my taplist in a browser, the images for the kegs on deck no longer show.
They used to be there, but I cannot make them show no matter what.
Perhaps a few months have gone by since this happened?
I’m finally giving up on adjusting settings and came here to post.
Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue / question. The kegs show in the preview on the Look and Feel page, but they don’t show on the web page. This problem persists on Chrome and Opera with and without adblockers.

Newbie having the same issue here
edit nevermind it displays the kegs on the firestick fine but wont display correctly with my tv mounted vertically, its cutting off half the image and says the display resolution is half what it should be?

Same issue here too only more. I just setup my account, got everything loaded and it was working at the very start, but no longer. I haven’t yet hooked up a tv to see if that works. Switching layouts doesn’t work. Seems like the issue started when I uploaded my brewery logo to my producer profile. It WILL display the logo in place of the keg when LOGO is selected on. However turning off the LOGO and keeping the KEG on does not display. Also, the orientation isn’t right. The preview shows the 3 columns as I’d like them, but then my taplist it goes to a single column, down the middle, with text alignments off etc.

Well, I have solved the keg display issue. When I added my brewery logo to my “producer” profile, it was always attaching that to every keg beverage that was produced by me. My best guess is either the size of the logo was too big or displaying the keg and logo isn’t compatible. In any case, because I couldn’t figure out to remove the picture, I had to delete all my beverages, then delete my brewery as a producer. Then once I recreated kegs under my brewery name (sans logo), now the kegs are showing up.

However, the alignment issue is still playing here. I just read that it may have to do with “desktop” mode or something like that. I’ll have to research that further.

Oops, I just posted this issue in a duplicate thread. no solution here, and I’ve had mine working correctly for about a year. Something changed. I have producer logos and override logos per beer and neither are showing.