HOWTO: Turn a PC or generic browser into a display (advanced)

Hello everyone!

So as you no doubt know, we officially support and recommend Fire TV / Fire TV Stick as the display hardware for your tap list. This post is going to walk you through an advanced approach: How to use “any random PC” as a display.

How is a “display” different than my taplist URL?

Every taplist account has a unique URL you can browse to on the web. You can of course put this URL on any browser, in fullscreen mode, and things will mostly work.

A Display is a little more special: While your taplist URL is a sort of default view of your venue, a Display is a specific instance of it. Certain things can be customized on a per-display basis, from the display settings dashboard page, including:

  • Taps shown: You can configure a display to only show certain taps. (Your taplist URL always shows all taps.)
  • Orientation: You can control the orientation (rotation of the content) of a display. (Your taplist URL is never rotated.)

In addition, Displays may refresh faster when you make changes in the dashboard.


Here’s how to use your “random PC” as a display:

  1. Configure your browser to launch to this url:
  • You could use something like the Kiosk chrome extension to auto-launch here (note, we don’t have any experience with this extension).
  1. Once the browser is launched, you will see a pairing screen with a pairing code.
  2. On another device or just another tap, visit to register this device using the pairing code.

That’s it! You should now see your new screen in the Displays tab.

These instructions are pretty simple right now, I’m not sure how much interest there is in this approach but I will keep these instructions up-to-date as more folks try it.


Thanks! I tried this and now have a display. Since I have a Mac and iPhone the Android app is a not go. I may give the Raspberry Pi a try, but for now this is very helpful. Thanks again. Phil

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Awesome, glad it worked out for you!