HOWTO: Run the Android app on an unsupported device (advanced)

Our Android app is available in the Amazon App store (Google Play coming soon). However, if you are feeling adventurous, you may be able to manually install the application.

Important: We cannot guarantee things will work well on unsupported devices. While we will try our best to respond to any trouble using this technique, we recommend new users go the FireTV route if possible.

Getting the APK

Download the latest release (v1.1.2): taplist-v112-release.apk (2.9 MB)

Using the APK

You will need to “sideload” the APK on to your Android device. (If you don’t already know how to do this, we recommend working on a supported device, or trying our generic browser instructions.)

Help and issues

Please post any issues (or success stories :slight_smile: ) here. Thanks!

Kudos on a great job! I’ve been searching for a way to simply display my beers on tap.
Question, you say android app is available on Amazon app store but I can’t find it. Has something changed?


Any progress on releasing this for android / google play store?

Is there a place where we can download the latest APK from? (not necessarily the playstore).

Do you accept help from strangers? Is the code open sourced so that the community can pitch in?

Obligatory: Awesome job! We love the app and we find it very useful.

Not currently! Expect the next version to be released there (~next month). Just gotta do all the paperwork (upload assets, description, etc etc)…

First message in this thread has a link :slight_smile:

Not currently, unfortunately. I made a conscious decisions to run this “closed source”, in contrast to my other projects. An experiment; and easier for me to deal with. I know it’s not the best news if you’re a tinkerer, but stay tuned. I plan to open up parts (API, template engine, etc) before too long.

Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it! It’s quite satisfying having happy users!

Any updates! Would love to run my beer list to my tablet via a dedicated app.