How to reset taplist display activation on a cloned pi sd card?

I have two displays, each has 6 tap listed one became corrupt, I cloned a copy of the other but it of course it sees the clone as the same display in the taplist settings. Is there a way I can easily reset the taplist script to give me a new activation code?

I had another backup sd card I had made that works as a second display but the screen goes black after about an hour of so of booting it up? could it be a screensaver setting? sorry im not Pi savy unfortunately and originally set these up 2 years ago.

I think you’ll want to clear Chromium’s cookies on one of the devices, because that is how “remembers” what the display is. Here’s a thread I found on clearing cookies/cache: How do I Clear Chromium Cache? - Raspberry Pi Forums

That worked! thank you