How does it work?

I setup on my laptop several months ago, but dot didn’t have a firestick for my tv. I know I read the directions at the time, but can’t remember all the details. After sending a tap list to you tv via firestick or similar device, does it then reside on the tv independent of your computer (except for updates)?

OK. I’ll take a crack at this …

First, let’s understand what you mean by seting up on your laptop.

I assume you visited,

and created a account.

I assume you found your way to the “classic” dashboard,

or possibly the new dashboard,

You probably added a beverage and a keg or two. Maybe you experimented with the “Look and Feel” of different digital beer menu layouts (i.e., themes)?

All of this involved the “cloud”. It wasn’t done on your laptop per se. You simply used your laptop and its Internet browser as a conduit to access the cloud-based dashboard. You could’ve accomplished the same thing using your smartphone or tablet.

The tap list isn’t really “sent” to your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Technically, it is, but it’s probably best not to think of it that way. Envision your Amazon Fire TV Stick reading your tap list from the cloud. Updates to your tap list are made to the cloud ( dashboard via an Internet browser). These updates are then “automagically” displayed on (pushed to) your television via the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Multiples devices can read and display your tap list from the cloud at the same time. Your tap list doesn’t reside on any one device. It resides in the magical cloud.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for explaining to me how works. Being cloud based, that eliminates the need to have a computer or device tied to your tap list display device. That makes perfect sense. I have set up a tap list in, but have not yet pushed it to a tv. Thanks again for explaining “how it works”.

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You’re welcome. I’d highly recommend an Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s a simple, elegant solution.