Home Assistant integration

I’ve had a few folks write in looking for Home Assistant support, so I’m creating this Feature Request thread to consolidate interest and ideas - please chime in if you have either.

I will keep a list of things we can do / what we can try to support. So far:

  • Expose entities for all objects (e.g. taps, current keg volume)
  • Expose events that can be used as triggers (e.g. a “keg is tapped” event)
  • Pre-built status card for the home assistant dashboard
  • …what else?

I’m very new to Home Assistant and want to find reasons to use it more, especially the dashboard. I’m chiming in because I’m definitely interested in this topic even though I don’t have any specific suggestions at the moment. I do really applaud the idea of a pre-built status card for the dashboard, though — example usage like that is really what gets my imagination flowing.

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No specific suggestions but for home use where most of us probably have relatively small taplistst I could see a pre-built status card that behaves as a display being REALLY cool. If I could build a dashboard that prominently displays my Taplist with a few other cards that display conditionally, such as camera views on motion or sensor statuses when doors are open that would be a killer display in my basement.

I’m not sure what I’d do with the entities myself. Having Alexa announce a keg is tapped might be kinda fun.