Hello from Windsor, CT

Hi all homebrewer from CT almost 20 years brewing. I have 9 taps in the basement visible at beermenu.garyandpam.us

I enjoy and brew all styles except “milkshake IPA”


Hello back from South Windsor, CT.

Nice taplist you have Gary!


Thanks Scott nice to meet you. I still need to get my wife to pick colors and fonts that look good. :joy:

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Checked your insta. Nice set up. Here’s mine.


Haha don’t most of us rely on our wives for that stuff. Working my way toward a larger electric setup. Would love to hear about your experience on the Mashtun. Love those cubes but they are spendy!

Well hello from Windsor, California :slight_smile: I have been homebrewing for about 10 years. Six taps in the garage visible here: Taplist.io

I just turned 40 so I splurged a little on myself. Everything there is new since Black Friday. Brewed on it 4 times so far including a 15 gallon kettle sour batch that’s split 3 ways. Cubes were the last piece and the 2v controller I stumbled across used ten times for a sweet deal after settling for a 1v and swapping the plugs from rims to kettle. hoping to brew on it this weekend. In a week or so I should have 7-8 beers and a wine on tap. I entertain short distanced outdoor visits for tastings.

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Hey Gary! It’s Mark! I saw your taplist post on FB and decide to make my own! Yours is looking great!

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It’s a Nutmeg State takeover! Welcome aboard, Mark (Gary too)!