Hello from North Carolina

What’s up everybody. Homebrewing tech nerd here. Extract brewed for a couple years before moving to Asheville, NC (Beer City USA) and got out of the hobby. Recently got back into it but now doing all grain BIAB in an electric all-in-one setup and kegging. Started with a 1 tap kegerator and now have 3 going full time. Love IPAs and wife loves stouts… so we always have a wild assortment. Hoping in 2021 to start experimenting with sours, goses and more. Cheers everyone!


I gotta make it over to NC some day - an unexplored land of beers I’ve heard great stuff about.

Welcome aboard, Jason!

Spend a weekend in Asheville. Tons of great breweries and mountain views. I moved back to the RDU area in 2015 to get married and start a family, but those mountains still call me from time to time.