Grid Layout Missing Keg Images


I turned on my today and Grid mode is no longer displaying my Keg images. The screen looks correct except for the missing images. I see the same issue when I login to the site and look at the display setup. Wondering what setting I might have messed up?


Hey there! Can you double check your settings that “Show Illustrations” is enabled?

We had a few folks where only “Show Logo” was enabled, which had been unintentionally showing illustrations as a fallback. After fixing this “bug”, it might have unintentionally changed for you.

My apologies for the surprise!

Thanks for the quick reply. I verified that both ‘Show Illustrations’ and ‘Show Logo’ are enabled but still no images in Grid Mode. :frowning_face:

I unchecked ‘Show Logos’ and left ‘Show Illustrations’ checked and everything looks good now!