Greetings from NH

I found while doing some troubleshooting for a Rasberry Pints install for my homebrewing setup. Overall, Taplist does what it says and is really all I needed to make it a bit more “fun”.

A couple issues I’ve run into that I’m not sure how to resove:

When I load my taplist, the kegs do not show up ever - I can see them when I go to look and feel, but never on the actual taplist.

Obviously it’s winter so I added the Snow effect - but same as above, I can only see it on the look and feel page, never on the actual taplist.

So if anyone has any ideas about the above items, I’d be thankful for your help. They aren’t dealbreakers for me using it but would be nice to have since it’s available.

Thanks for popping in and saying hello!

Is it possible you’re viewing your list in desktop mode (the default / what you see when you navigate to your url)? Snow isn’t supported there and logos take precedence.

You can read more about it here:

Yes, I’m def viewing it on desktop mode from my PC so I guess that would explain the snow, I must have missed that part when I saw the post initially during troubleshooting.

Does that also apply to the keg images though? Is that considered a logo per the post you mention? I would realistically only be using this on a PC browser so having the SRM colored kegs would be nice. I do not have any logos uploaded and was strictly using the keg image (it’s really all I need for my homebrew setup).

Yeah, unfortunately this is a limitation of desktop mode: The desktop “theme” only has a column for one image, which is selected in this order:

  1. Any tap-specific override image (highest priority)
  2. Current keg’s beverage logo
  3. Current keg’s beverage producer’s logo
  4. Colorized keg illustration (lowest priority)

If you’re using this on a PC, but you want it to look/act like a display, you can configure the PC as a display: See this article: HOWTO: Turn a PC or generic browser into a display (advanced)

Beyond that, more support of customizing the desktop theme/page is on the roadmap. It’s something that’s become more popular over time, just behind some more general updates!

great, thanks for the info - I’ll take a look at getting a display set up. Still learning :slight_smile:

It’s really worth buying a cheap monitor (there are tons on sale now, or get one used) and buy a firestick to plug into it. The firesticks are cheap right now and if the monitor doesn’t have an HDMI port there are HDMI to vga adapters on amazon for pennies. Add a cheap wall mount for the monitor and it works out great.

What part of NH? My wife is from Barnstead.

That is ultimately my plan but was just playing around with it, getting stuff set up, etc. I was originally intending to set up Rasberry Pints but ran into some config issue with the LAMP stack - the new Pis don’t use the same stack anymore so the RP install is a bit…outdated. When I was looking up workarounds I came across Taplist and was like, oh, that’s much easier. May end up using the Pi as the “host” for Taplist.

I’m in Manchester so probably like 45 mins (?) south of Barnstead.