Free Account Vs Hobby

Hi all

Just stumbled across this product and have setup a free account and love the simplicity.

What’s the differences between the Free subscription and the Hobby subscription?

I’ve tried searching but can’t find much other than extra taps.


Hi @Stuart and welcome aboard!

Huh, it looks like we lost this comparison in a website update. I’ll get this restored!

Main limitations of the free version are:

  • 4 menu item maximum
  • Limited themes
  • Limited integrations (just Plaato)
  • No custom images
  • Inactivity suspension - if you don’t use your account for several weeks, you’ll be emailed, followed by a (reversible - just log in again) suspension.
    • (This helps us keep our hosting resources in check; otherwise, without that signal, we’d have no idea if you’re still using the product = infinite hosting.)

More generally I think of it as a limited, “main feature only” sort of plan, for those with zero budget. We have our roots in homebrewing, so both our free plan and homebrew plan are something I’ve been fierce about keeping, even as our commercial business has grown much more popular. I want everyone to have a great-looking menu!

Feel free to hit me up here with any other related questions. I always want to be as open/transparent as we can. We’re not saving lives over here, just making great menus, after all… :grin:

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Many thanks for getting back to me Mikey and explaining the differences.

I’m just a homebrewer and it’s just for display within my house but I also like to support products and services from smaller companies and will upgrade to the Hobby subscription which I feel is a very fair price for yearly subscription.

Stu :beers:

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That’s rad, thanks Stu!

We always hope our free plan would be a great “try before you buy”, so it’s awesome to hear. Your support meaningfully helps us advance the product & keep making it better and better. (And most of all, as a paying customer, it gives you a right to yell at us if something isn’t to your liking :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Cheers + have fun with things!

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