Fredericka the Great Font Bold

One other minor nitpick …

I’m rather fond of the “Fredericka the Great” font. I assume it’s popular with others as well. It would appear the style, rating and the “ABV:”, “SRM:”, “IBU:”, “OG:” and “FG:” tags are displayed bold. In bold, the chalkboard effect is completely washed out. To my eye, these bold fields and tags stand out a little more than they probably should relative to the beverage name, producer, description and various values (ABV, SRM, IBU, …). If you get to the point you have nothing better to do, maybe you could make “bold” an option (with “bold” being the default for backward compatibility)? Maybe you add italics for good measure. Again, low priority.



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I assume this can be addressed by the proposed “Build, Customize and Share Themes” feature request.