Footer text scrolling)or otherwise) in main tap view

Can we get a scrolling(or fixed) text banner or similar at the bottom of the main tap view, it’d be great to be able to do some basic advertising in the empty space under the taps and beer descriptions.
I’m envisaging something really simple where I can enter basic marketing text (in my font choice), something like: “Ask about out cans to take home. available in four and six packs.”

Hey Jim! Good to see you again.

This is a fun idea. We’re preparing some additional customization options that might allow this, so I’ll leave it open here as a Feature Request for now.

Maybe integrate that with the ability to put different items in the scroll list. Like on tap brews, that leaves the taplist intact, but shows users what is coming. Or things like an IG feed, etc. Lots of future items that could be put there in a scrolling banner at the bottom.