Fonts not updating on taplist

I am having issues with the fonts on my taplist. About a week ago, I noticed that the Rock Salt font (shown here) was displaying as Times New Roman or something similar. When I go to the “Look and Feel” section of the dashboard and select any other font it always displays the same times new roman style font. I can change the font colors and other layout items, but the font itself seems to never change. Can someone point me in the right direction to get my taplist to display the correct fonts? Here is a screen shot of how the taplist looks now:

Yikes! This looks like a bug affecting some users. A fix is rolling out right now. Your display should auto-correct within a few minutes of this post, but you may need to manually reload to speed things up if you’re still having any trouble thereafter. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks so much for the quick response on this!

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Just to piggyback on this post, I am seeing the same problem using Safari 14.1.2 under MacOS. Chrome on MacOS displays correctly. Safari on iOS displays correctly.