Font sizes, screen adjustment and more

I am going to lump a few requests into one post here; thanks in advance.

Wondering if it could be possible to get an option for displays that would allow for different screen resolution? I ask this because yesterday I displayed my taplist on a 720p tv and it was rather hard to read for some folks. Also, it didn’t fill up much past the top half of the screen.

Secondly, is it possible to get the option next to the text coloring someplace for us to select font size? It would also help with the above mentioned idea too i believe.

Third and final (for now), can we get the ability to change the font color on the brewery name? The name is listed after every tap and beer name which is great, but, only showing in gray makes for limited background color choices.

Great suggestions here!

Font size and zoom options are coming soon! Look for these options this weekend (I will follow up here too).

Changing that secondary color is a good call. I guess we can call this the tertiary color and make it configurable :slight_smile:

Great Mikey, would be an awesome addition for everyone I believe. Thanks for looking at this. If you need someone to test just let me know.