Fire stick showing blank

About a week ago my fire stick will run the app for about a day and then just go blank (black screen). If I hit the home button it goes back home and I am able to run the app again and it will run firm for another day or so.

Anyone else having the issue? I wonder if an Amazon fire update messed something up. It has happened in the past, but only once every few months. Tried reinstalling the app and rebooting everything

Hmm that’s a very odd sounding problem.

Next time it happens, can you leave it that way and shoot me a note? I can push a command to the display to reload; this can tell us whether it’s online or not…

Another you could try first is pressing the menu button. Does the app’s debug menu show up?

Woke up this morning and see it is blank. The screen is definitely on and the black is “bright” like it has video input but the input is black. Left it that way as you suggested

Took a picture for what it is worth

Can you try pressing the menu button and see if anything happens? Center button should work too. Not “Home” or “Back” though.

One click of menu button returned the fire stick to home screen

Another data point.

When I did the menu click above, it went back to the home screen as I said. I never did anything else and walked away. I came back about 30 min later and it was back to the black screen. Does the fire stick have a screen saver of some sort that got turned on?

Yes, it sounds like the app is exiting; the home screen will timeout after some amount of time.

The app would only exit because of a crash. Can you confirm you are on the latest app version (1.0.6)? I will see if I can find crash logs from there.

Just checked, 1.0.6

I told it to send a bug report in case that helps

Thanks for the troubleshooting!

Just an update, I last rebooted the app 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t had a problem since.

Great to hear it, thanks for circling back!