Fermenter tracking in the Keg Room

As a homebrewer, it would be really handy if you could add “fermenter” as a keg type.


I envision this being analogous to an “On Deck” keg. Do you just want to display the name of the beverage being fermented? Or do you want to display the fermentation status in real-time (e.g., ABV, OG, FG, temperature, …)? For example, we could easily integrate Taplist.io with the Plaato Airlock. You could watch the FG decrease and the ABV increase in real-time on the Taplist.io “big screen” as the fermentation proceeds.


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I agree with the idea of adding fermenters. I don’t expect any tech integration such as Plaato Airlock. But being able to manually add fermentors and basic info would be great.

Maybe something like this?

I just overrode the tap image using a fermenter picture.

It would be somewhat of a hack, but Mikey could add a new keg type of “Fermenter”,

This way the fermenter would automagically reflect the (anticipated) color / SRM of the beer. You’d either need to add a “dummy tap” corresponding to the fermenter (that’s what I did in the above example) or treat the fermenter as an on deck keg. Once the fermentation is complete, you’d change the keg type from “Fermenter” to “Half Barrel”, “Corny Keg”, … and re-assign the keg to a “real tap”.

Of course, you may not want to display the ABV and FG with a fermenter in that their final values are unknown. These fields are suppressed if the corresponding values are null.

We’ll have to see how the upcoming “Build, Customize and Share Themes” feature can aid with something like this,

Ultimately, Mikey would need to address where this falls on the Taplist.io roadmap. This will determine whether you leverage a simple work-around (like I demonstrated above) or whether we pursue something like the “Fermenter” keg type hack I (and the OP @tligman) described or maybe Mikey can deliver full-blown fermenter tracking and we skip the work-arounds and hacks.

In either case, I’d encourage you to cast a vote (at the very top of this topic) for this feature if it’s something you’re interested in.


Yeah, just adding it as a keg type would do, especially if you can change keg types for existing units.

You can certainly change the keg type corresponding to both tapped and on-deck kegs. I think an on-deck keg of type “Fermenter” is the cleanest hack. This way you don’t need to add a special “fermenter tap”. And I suspect the “Build, Customize and Share Themes” feature I alluded to would allow us to “graphically partition” the fermenter(s) from the tapped beers. For example, here I’ve depicted Fermenters (as On Deck Kegs) in the lower left-hand corner,

Of course, the whole idea of the “Build, Customize and Share Themes” feature is you can organize the layout as you see fit. However, I suspect this would be aided by the fact fermenters are a form of on deck keg, distinct from tapped kegs.

Just a few thoughts …


Fermentation would be very nice.
Taplist could then be used not only as a display for guests, but as a real dashboard of you home brewery.

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