Failed Connection on Firestick

I’m currently experiencing a crash of the app. When I turn on the TV I get “Connection failed, retrying” with a status bar that moves from left to right constantly. Below that there’s “Reason: net:::ER_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED (-2)”. I’ve tried resetting the fire stick to no avail. Nothing else comes up on the screen but this. Any advice?

This error message indicates the display is unable to connect to the internet. Most often this means a problem with either the device’s wifi connection, or with your local network. Are you able to rule either of these out?

Howdy, I had the same issue. Internet / WiFi connection all good on my network. To resolve, I went through the setting on Amazon Fire Stick, under taplist app I reset the cache. Boom, no more connection issues. Taplist loaded and displayed as expected.

I wasn’t able to get to settings because the FireStick defaulted to the taplist app. The WiFi was available, the app just wasn’t seeing it. I connected the FireStick to the TV and put the usb that powers it to my laptop. When it booted up, I was able to navigate through the FireTV menu. Clicked the app and it loaded up and worked just fine! Thanks y’all!