Facebook Friendly Link

Hey Mike, (Let me just preface this with… I am not a programmer and do not know the possibilities of the following suggestions.) I threw a brew fest 3 weeks ago but prior to the event I made a tap list on your site giving a general description of the brews that would be there. I linked the tap list to the event page I made for it on Facebook, it worked, but I think the following features would be ideal. The link displays the image of the beer in tap 1, if it could display the name of the brewer or the event, the date, and a “Click to view the list” text in the selected theme assigned to the list, I believe it would get more traffic. Also, I think it would be a great feature to be able to track the amount of views the list is generating to help judge interest. Lastly, the mobile view is small and doesn’t enlarge the text enough when rotated horizontally. If there was a way to tap the label pic and have the description open in a enlarged text box, I think it would make mobile previewing feasible and friendly. Thanks for taplist.io, so far, sooo good.