Double header names

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i am trying out the web version of the taplist on an iPad in my homebrewery. I am using the free version, i’ll understand not all customization is included. But will it be possible to not show double names in the header of the page. I’ve included a screenshot, live page is here

It says ‘De Brakke Tapkast’ two times.

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What’s being shown are two different values:

  • Top (big) header: Your location’s title, from location settings.
  • Inner (smaller) header: The menu’s name. Confusingly, this is set in display settings under Text → Header.

We will be relocating settings for the second header. In the meantime, we’ve added an option to just turn it off on the web menu:

Let me know if this doesn’t solve things. Thanks!

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Hi, Mikey,

thank you for the prompt reply. Yes this worked for me. Cheers for helping out. I think i tried all the obvious settings, but was thinking this setting was only for attached display, not for web.

No worries, i’m an even happier brewer.

Cheers from the Netherlands,

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