Displays not updating

Hi there! The new dashboard is not updating my displays. I deleted them and reactivated them. The old display menu showed up and everything worked. I signed out and back in and it was the new setup again and won’t update displays. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hmm, not seeing a general issue - can you send me your account name (taplist-xxxx) and the operation you’re performing that isn’t triggering a refresh?

I’m having the issue. taplist-497220

Same issue!
The Font update but not the background image

Please note, only displays (that you link/pair to your account) will auto-refresh. Your displays are listed here: https://taplist.io/dashboard/displays/

If you’re looking at your taplist on the web, please note it will not auto-refresh and only supports a subset of features. More information here:

Help center: Why does my list look different on desktop/mobile?