Display Template customizations

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I didn’t find it when searching.

The web display nicely splits the menu groupings with headers, but I can’t figure out how to get headers on the TV display and how to force it to break between groups. In my case we have Beer and Kombucha On Tap, Bottles and Cans, Cocktails, Hard Stuff, and Munchies. It would be nice to have a heading for each on the TV and not mix and match between them.

I did see that the “Sectional” theme supports this feature, but doesn’t support many of the other customizations I have done to my menu board.

Hey Jim!

Yes, “Sectional” is the best TV theme for that look. But you’re right - some themes have additional features which it does not.

We’re working to close this gap overall - it’s been a bit of a big task - but in the meantime, what sort of customizations are you looking for? Maybe it’s something we can take care of more quickly for the Sectional theme.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Adding the pictures instead of the keg/glass images.is the most important.