Display Style / Type Next to Name

Has there been consideration for the beer style and or type where instead of in the description, the style could be listed next to the name or did I overlook that option? For example, on my (liquid) chalkboard in our taproom, I have the name, style, ABV, and IBUs listed. For my house Hefe, it reads as "Homeboy’s Hefe | German Hefeweizen | 5.4% | 13.2.

Additionally, I note the style number on all of my batches using BJCP guidelines. While all of my beers aren’t entered into competitions, it helps me to reference the particular style I’m modeling.

I’m somewhat surprised this hasn’t come up before! Style information is captured in the beer database, it just isn’t made editable or displayed anywhere… ha!

This will be an easy one to close out, thanks for the poke!