Display offline; pairing creates new display

I have a raspberry pi that I use as a display. It is shown as last seen about a month ago, but now when I use the activation code, it creates a new display. I want to reuse the settings. I used the recommended option when pairing. I am certain in the past that when I selected to replace a display, it did with new settings and I lost the old. Reconfiguring to what I want is a pain. How can I get taplist to recognize this raspberry pi again? I think I powered offline at one point. I also use a vpn on my router; could that be causing this?

UPDATE: I have changed this to a feature request to be able to export/import screen settings.

In case anyone was curious, I was not aware of some changes since I ran into this in the past.
The solution was to create a new display, pair it with said Raspberry Pi, and in the TV and Menu menu, choose “Copy settings from…” and then select the previous display that worked.
Keep in mind that these displays are the same RPi hardware but it was being seen as a new device (without anything being done to it).