Display not loading


I am having an issue where it keeps saying connecting. and then connected loading taps. Occasionally it will show the first 6 and then start all over again and says connecting. Any ideas on how to fix?


Hmm! This is unexpected. Would you mind doing the following?

  1. Press menu on the firetv remote
  2. Send bug report
  3. Press menu again
  4. Reset display
  5. Pair again
  6. Send bug report again (if issue occurs again)



This is the exact same issue I was having.


I’m having this right now. Have tried sending bug report & resetting several times. Not fun on Saturday night.

Please help!


Hi @lisa! Looking into it - not seeing a widespread issue so may have something to do with local connection. Got your bug report and will keep posted.


We appreciate it! Thank you=)


Hi Lisa! Apologies again for the trouble - ordinarily, in any connection or backend trouble, the app is designed to fall back to the last “good” menu it downloaded. It sounds like this may not be happening, which is something we’ll be sure to follow up on (on site reliability is of paramount importance).

Still debugging but do not have a smoking gun. We’ve rolled back some unrelated changes just in case it could have caused something, and continuing to investigate.


Great! Let me know if there’s anything we can do from this end. This happened once before about the same time that the others posted about it above, although it only lasted about a half hour that time. Both times it happened when I was putting a keg on tap & it was updating. Thank you again!

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