Display not fitting on tv with firestick

Has anyone had any issues with their display not fitting on their tv. Ive tried it on other tvs without an issue.

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Hmm! A layout issue like this is rare, almost unheard of. Would you mind sending me your venue URL so I can debug?

When you say you haven’t had an issue on other TVs - was that with the exact same fire stick and account, or just more general (worked fine with a different stick and/or account)?

One thing you can always try is a hard reload. Press Menu on the remote, and then Reload App. (I’m assuming you’ve tried this, just mentioning for completeness.)

We are having the same issue with our four firestick displays

Can you send me (here or DM) your URL?

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Ive had this happen. I just manually adjusted the screen dimensions on the tv itself. Width and height.

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Have you calibrated your display?

Firestick Display Calibration

  1. Go to the far right in the top menu to Settings on the Firestick home screen.
  2. Now, select Display and Sound within the Settings menu.
  3. Select the Display item in the Display and Sound area.
  4. Choose the Calibrate Display option within the Display menu.
  5. Then, use the top and bottom of the Fire TV Stick remote control’s ring button to adjust the image size on the screen up and down until it takes up all of the screen without any of it disappearing. This should fix the Fire Stick zoom out issue when things appear offscreen.
  6. You can reset and start over again at any time by undoing .
  7. Next, select the Accept option to apply these changes.
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