Display Logos AND Illustrations?

I have been trying to find a way to display logos AND illustrations. I like having my keg logo and also adding the actual images to my “bottles and cans” list. When I go to my display settings and check both “show logos” and “show illustrations” only the logos are displayed. What am I missing here? Is there a way to set a default image for a specific beverage?

Thanks for a great product!

Sigh - yes, this overdue for an overhaul. For most themes, there’s only one “image slot”, so when you enable both, you’ll get logos (if/when a logo has been uploaded).

At the very least we can clear that up, but I’d like to make “show both” an option on all themes as it’s been a frequent (if low traffic) request.

We’re working to get a different feature launched first - Custom Display Ads - #15 by benfiddler - but will get some eyes on this soon after!

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I was about to upgrade to the Hobby plan as I wanted to show my beer pump logo’s alongside the keg illustrations. I am glad I have read this first as it doesn’t seem like you can currently do this. please let me know when this is fixed as I am interested in upgrading to the hobby version to get this feature, along with the additional tap slots that I need.

I am also interested in this, we display other information inside the menu and want to use the custom image to display a QR code however the only way to show the custom image is to tic the custom logos in the theme which does work but then no other images work. I emailed about it and they said it was supposed to be fixed soon (months ago) and when I emailed back (even a few times) to get an update about it I never heard back.

I apologize for the delay here: It looks like this unintentionally got de-prioritized due to the design work on our new menu editor. (@TBellotti I also dug into your ticket and responded there.)

We’ve got this on deck this week and it should be implemented soon. Keeping this feature request thread open in the meantime.