Different Pint Prices (UK based)

HI, we’re based in the UK and so beers are served in 1 Pint, 2/3 Pint, 1/2 Pint and 1/3 Pint sizes.

Customers won’t understand oz/ml etc on draught.

How do you enter these pint prices + how do you get the display to show the size?
WHen I try I just get Draft after price and no way to differentiate size.


Hey there! We chatted over email, but to catch anyone else up who may be following along:

  • This is indeed a bit of a gap; technically, you can enter sizes like "0.33 Pint", but it won’t format nicely/distinctly on menus.
  • We’re adding better explicit support for these & should roll out soon!

Fractional pint pricing support is now live. Enjoy!