Desktop Mode as a permanent display theme

For me desktop mode does the best job of displaying my taplist the way I want it. All taps on one page (no scrolling) and full descriptions displayed (not cut off). It is a bit on the small size but for those of us where the display is only a few feet away, a fullscreen browser and some zooming works fairly well. If this was an actual display theme I would think it would be possible to eliminate the page header and footer to reclaim more space and possibly eliminate the need for zooming.

If there is a way to get this same display using the existing themes and the app as opposed to a browser, I’m all ears…

Got it!

One of my goals is to offer a “switch to TV mode” button when viewing desktop mode. To do this requires one portion of the theme system to be rewritten – but it would also make your idea possible.

I’ll track the feature request here, thanks!