Dense Theme - only 1 column displaying?

Hello everyone!

New to taplist, and gotta say it’s pretty awesome.
I am however having an issue, not sure if it’s me, browser(s) or phone or bug?

I want the dense theme, 2 columns, 4 rows. It shows properly on my “look and feel” settings page, but when I load the actual taplist, it shows in 1 column only and causes me to have to scroll. Same thing on 2 computers, 3 browsers, android phone and ipad tablet.

Anyone else experience this?

It sounds like you might be experiencing Desktop Mode: See here for a little more information:

In the future, we’re going to add a toggle on the website to help clear up the confusion. For reasons that aren’t worth getting into here, it’s a bit more work than it sounds :-\

Thanks Mikey

I hadn’t set up a display, which is why I couldn’t get in/out of desktop mode. All good now, thanks!

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Excellent! Glad it’s all sorted.