Dense Layout Only Showing one of three taps

Hello I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but when using the dense theme only one of my three taps show per page.

I have the page set to one column per page, three taps per page, and in the preview it shows all three, but when it loads on the tablet it only shows one.

Everything was working fine yesterday, but without changing anything on my end, this change happened.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

(It’s always OK to bring issues to the forums, but for service-related issues often support@ can be faster.)

Interestingly, we’re aware of one other device experiencing a layout issue recently. In that case our sights are focused on a very old browser. Are you using the Android/FireTV app? If so, would you mind sending in a bug report (Menu → Send bugreport)? This could help us narrow that down.

Yes I am using a fire tablet, but through the app not the website.
Oddly enough, when I am on this page - '

The preview only shows one tap, but when I go configure the page all the taps are there.

Ok, thanks for the confirmation! We will dig in & figure out what’s going on.