Dense 2.0 (built-in) Theme

I’m not exactly sure how to tackle this. Ideally, this could be accomplished through the dashboard. The dashboard approach is accessible to everyone. Alternatively, this could be accomplished by building a custom theme. The right answer likely lies somewhere in between. The existing dashboard (both classic and beta) already has most of the necessary building blocks.

The fundamental problem I have with the existing dashboard … it adjusts the row height to reflect the image height (e.g., keg image height), rather than the other way around.

The height of the header and footer could be fixed or variable. The key is,

  Row Height = (Screen Height - Header Height - Footer Height) / (Taps per Page / Columns)

“Taps per page” (as configured on the dashboard),


should be honored, rather than taken as “best effort” (as is currently the case). The height of the images (tap, logo, glassware, keg, …) should reflect the calculated row height. The font sizes should be proportioned to reflect the row height. This should really be accomplished through the dashboard. You shouldn’t have to create a custom theme based on the number of taps per page.

I don’t imagine glassware (with serving size and price) is a new feature request. The color of the glassware would reflect the beverage SRM. Refer to Pint Glass instead of Keg.

Refer to Tap Number Artwork Generator.

Obviously, I’d like to see an option with which the color of the keg (green, yellow, orange and red) reflects the volume remaining.

I don’t see either of these features requiring a custom theme. They’d simply be enabled / disabled through the dashboard / “Options”.

I would like to see finer granularity / control over fonts (size, bold, color, …). This may well fall into the category of custom theme … so be it.

Note: I have a generous header and footer allowing for (in the future) social media and on deck kegs / upcoming events, respectively. [Feature Request from rhorton7333]