Default Resolution

Ive got a simple “taproom” display set up, its a ncie 24" HP monitor 1920x1080 with an amazon firestick v2 and the resolution in my dashboard shows it is 981x552
I don’t recall calling out the resolution on this display ( I asume it auto detected) and sure would not have picked those numbers.

Interestingly, I had some connectivity/off line issues with the display’s physical set up (im workng on the "keezer project directly associated) and noticed that taplist detected what it though was a new display. This was listed as 1080
It was a duplicate, that i figured out after dealing with some activation and deleting of duplicates but am still stumped at this 981 thing.
I guess I’d like to understand a bit better what TL saw and what it tried to be smart and set up for me.
Love the product and will continue using it. Just a strange quirky thing I don’t understand.

Oh! The reported resolution is a very old bug, and will be either removed or replaced in the dashboard. Its wrong, but has really nothing to do with rendering (i.e. doesnt at all affect what you see on screen).

As for the new display - not sure about that. If the stick resets for some reason, which I haven’t heard of but I suppose is possible, you’d need to re-link it.

Good enough. Thanks for the quick reply.

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