Default options setup

Apologies if this has been asked for before. I did a search and couldn’t find anything, so, here goes.

As I have just found this service and I am going through adding my taps and kegs, once thing keeps annoying me. The default when creating a new keg is Half Barrel (15.5gal), and I always have to change it to Corny Keg (5 gal) after creating the keg.

It would be good if I could somehow have Corny Keg set as default when creating a new keg, as that is all I use on my system.

Cheers :beer:


That should be easy enough to support, nice simple feature. Adding it to the list!


This would be a great feature.

Also then, the default keg could be used for the offline kegs. Mine show normal kegs and i manually change them to cornys.

This has launched! The default keg type is automatically set to the last type used. See Set Keg type when creating keg for additional discussion.