Date and Time on menu page

I have been using Taplist for a few months and I have 8 taps and the on deck section pretty set. As I have played with it, I think I have my TV displaying quite well. What I can’t figure out is a date and or time. when the menu is scrolling on the TV , is there a way to add a day/date/time to the bottom panel…similar to the way the Brewery name stays static across the top?



That should be doable. Are you looking for a specific date/time (e.g. something that gets auto-set by the system, like “last updated”)?

(ps - welcome aboard!)

Actually, I was just looking for a way to at the current info.

I have my screen mounted about the taps and it shows the 8 taps, 3 fermenters and what’s next after that.

We spend a lot of time out there, brewing, cleaning, etc… and a clock similar to what you have in the corner of your computer screen would be great.