Customize sort order for on deck kegs

Howdy! This has been an issue for a while now. I believe it started when the Display Menu features came online. Anyhow, setting the Sort Order for my On Deck kegs in the Keg Room is no longer followed. All On Deck kegs sort in the order I create them and place them On Deck. If I rejigger my brewing schedule and want the kegs to re-sort in the order I plan to brew them, I now have to remove them all and re-add them in the order I’d like them to appear. Changing the Sort Order field makes no difference. Thanks!

Ah, this is indeed a regression in functionality - sorry for the surprise!

I will track this as a feature request to configure a custom sort order for On Deck kegs. I think we can add a “Keep sorted by…” option to this menu section, and restore some previous options.