Customize each display page

I would like to have the option to customize each display page that it scrolls through. Customize setting number of taps on each page, be able to center these taps if they are an odd number, be able to add a text box on each page, along with photos. I am sure this is a lot of work, just suggestions that would be great in the future. Basically giving us more freedom with each display page. Thank you!

I’d suggest,

  1. Tag this topic as a Feature Request
  2. Vote for your Feature Request

Mikey may want to address whether your Feature Request is addressed by,

Build, Customize and Share Themes


Good call moving to feature requests - I just went ahead and did that for you.

I wouldn’t consider this strictly the same as custom theming; it’d probably end up being a whole different presentation model, I think. So will leave separate for now.