Custom IDs for kegs

I’ve seen both homebrew and commercial folks assign kegs custom IDs, like shell numbers or tracking numbers. Is this something folks want? No idea how popular this is, tossing it into the feature requests bin for now.

No interest in this for me.

I’m curious but I don’t know if I’d use it. I am looking into marking my kegs for my own use (I just picked up my 5th keg so I can have the next keg ready when one of my 4 taps go dry) but IDK how much I’d use it here. The only benifit for me might be if there was a log, then if I had leak issues or something I might be able to see if it was specific to that keg or that specific tap/line? I don’t know that it would be useful for the home brewer unless you had a lot of kegs in your pipeline, then you could just pick from your available/on deck kegs, see the number and just go grab that keg from the closet/cellar/fermentation chamber. That said, I find painters tape and a sharpie or chalkboard stickers easier

For commercial this is a good idea. We would want this for the brewery I work at.

I would use it. All my home brew kegs have an ID and I keep track of them.

Mikey, do you think this might get added?

Yes, I’d love to add this. There are a batch of new features coming soon; I’ll add this to that set. Stay tuned…!

I would use this as well. Having 8 taps and 12 kegs i could find this helpfull.

Is there any status on this feature? I’m a new user, and home brewer in Waco Texas. I added all of my full-but-untapped kegs to my keg room, but can’t tell which is which when I tap them. I’m using the private notes to “label” the kegs, but can’t see those notes when I tap a keg. There are lot’s of ways to handle this, but I like the unique keg number idea where I can record the keg number on each keg as I add it to the keg room and then see the keg number when I tap a new one. Thanks!