Custom Display Ads

We’re getting close! No beta yet - but right around the corner. Next week might be a stretch but we’re aiming for it. Poke me here if I haven’t updated by then!

Hey @mikey, like @foothillhops I am in the software business (had my company of one for over 20 years) and am in the process of starting a brewery. I have been using taplist for a long time now for my home biergarten - I have 8 taps. I would be happy to beta test as well.

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Thanks @george! Will love some extra eyes. We’re getting close now - I shall be reaching out soon…


Cool cool! Look forward to hearing from you… :beers:

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Poking! Poking! Poking! Sorry but it said I needed at least 20 characters.

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This would be an awesome feature to have. I as well would love to beta this, when available! Cheers

Any updates on this yet?

Good news! We’re rolling out the changes to the TV frontends - which have to be pushed first - this week.

This is a staged rollout that should be invisible to you, you shouldn’t notice any difference. After that, we’ll flip on the feature in the dashboard. I’ll try to get folks in this thread activated first, as I know you’re most excited for it!

In summary, total remaining time ≤ 1 week.

Thats awesome!!! Cant wait

Update: Finishing touches, and testing, is happening now. Unfortunately - we have a “emergency releases only” policy during Thanksgiving week, so this won’t be in your hands until next week, when I shall be DM’ing folks in this thread first.

But here’s a sneak peek!

TV settings will have a new feature, the playlist, where you manage what’s on screen. By default it should look pretty familiar:


You can add another picture by pressing “Add another item”. When you do, it becomes the next item in the playlist. You can configure how long it shows for, before the whole thing repeats.

Lather, rinse, repeat!

Anyway, pretty straightforward. Aside from simply being behind other work, the reason it’s taken a while is all that under-the-hood stuff we ended up rebuilding to make this possible. The good news it should unlock some other fun features we have planned in this area. Thanks again for your patience - wont be long now!

Any update on this ?

This feature is now in private beta! I have DM’d folks from this thread. If I missed you, or you’re interested, please ping here, we could use a few more testers.

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I’m still interested in testing the beta…

Please add us to the PLAYLIST test group. Excited to see this. Love the new PRINT MENU feature. Just upgraded to PRO.

Where is Print Menu?

Go to Dashboard / Overview / Print (BETA)
Works pretty good. Wish I could see all pages in the menu from the Edit panel instead of just the first page. Also would be nice to save and then download from Edit so I could review. rather than going back up a level to download. PDF looks very nice though and it is nice to be able to customize colors and fonts. A header logo would be a nice future enhancement…

Well its a beta test not on all, but I want it !!! lol Mike!!!

@mikey still interested in the beta if it is still running!

Thx and cheers!

Could be cool, I’d be interested as well.

Defo interested if still available