Custom Display Ads

When I was with that other company ( Untappd ) we could add a 15 sec Display page say with Join Us Friday Night bla bla bla and way we can get something like this or am I missing it some wheres?

First of all it’s okay to say “Untappd” here. They take out Google ads against us after all, so I say its OK to acknowledge they exist in return :slight_smile:

The ability to inject an image into rotation has been a top request. It’s actually #3 on our Pro roadmap right now, here’s a quick snapshot:

  1. Support for non-beverage menu items (food, etc)
  2. Printable menus
  3. Custom image in rotation

I know 1 & 2 are slightly larger development tasks, so I’ll see if it’s possible for 3 to jump the queue. (Roadmap is ranked is by popularity/frequency of request.) I’ll keep this thread open here for you to track!

I didn’t realise they were a competitor, I wrongly presumed that it was just a 3rd party add when I’ve see them on tap screens and they only did the ‘check in’ side of things.