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When I was with that other company ( Untappd ) we could add a 15 sec Display page say with Join Us Friday Night bla bla bla and way we can get something like this or am I missing it some wheres?

First of all it’s okay to say “Untappd” here. They take out Google ads against us after all, so I say its OK to acknowledge they exist in return :slight_smile:

The ability to inject an image into rotation has been a top request. It’s actually #3 on our Pro roadmap right now, here’s a quick snapshot:

  1. Support for non-beverage menu items (food, etc)
  2. Printable menus
  3. Custom image in rotation

I know 1 & 2 are slightly larger development tasks, so I’ll see if it’s possible for 3 to jump the queue. (Roadmap is ranked is by popularity/frequency of request.) I’ll keep this thread open here for you to track!


I didn’t realise they were a competitor, I wrongly presumed that it was just a 3rd party add when I’ve see them on tap screens and they only did the ‘check in’ side of things.

Def plus one thousand on this request. The ability to advertise music, food items, etc is a feature that will keep our business on Taplist.

I have gotten around some things by:
(1) Creating a section called Events, adding events as “beverages” in the Events section… and using the Sectional Theme
Beverage: “Live Music: Friday Aug 5, 7-9 PM”, Provider: “One Great Band”
Wish I could use glass images for ‘on tap’, and logos for other sections.
(2) Printing menu from the web. It takes a long time to tweak print scaling settings so that it page breaks between items.
(3) For custom images, maybe page breaks between sections and allowing each section to have a different “theme”. An empty section could be used with a custom background to display an image.

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Awesome feedback, and thank you for sharing @foothillhops!

Work is well underway for the image carousels and print support. I like how you’ve hacked in “events”, but we can do better than this - some under-the-hood improvements to the menu system should make it possible.

We’re aiming to start a closed beta for some of this stuff in the next week or two. I’ll reach out privately - no obligation - to see if you’d like to give it an early spin. Cheers!


Yes. I’d love to be involved in the Beta. 40 plus years experience in systems design and tech integration. Now retired with a brewery.


Awesome! That sounds like a great background for kicking the tires & giving us some scrutiny. Shall be in touch within a few days, thanks again.

Thus sounds unreal and sorry to jump on the back off this but it git be really excited!

Happy to do any testing on such features also if possible.

Mikey - Any progress here on Beta testing?

We’re getting close! No beta yet - but right around the corner. Next week might be a stretch but we’re aiming for it. Poke me here if I haven’t updated by then!

Hey @mikey, like @foothillhops I am in the software business (had my company of one for over 20 years) and am in the process of starting a brewery. I have been using taplist for a long time now for my home biergarten - I have 8 taps. I would be happy to beta test as well.

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Thanks @george! Will love some extra eyes. We’re getting close now - I shall be reaching out soon…


Cool cool! Look forward to hearing from you… :beers:

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Poking! Poking! Poking! Sorry but it said I needed at least 20 characters.

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