CSRF verification failed errors

I just joined and started playing around with it, but I frequently get this error just saving minor changes. I need to reload the page or even go back to the dashboard root and then navigate in and try again. It has happened updating descriptions, changing fonts, titles, etc.

Until resolved in the code, is there a workaround I should know about? I’ve gotten it about a dozen times already just messing around today. I don’t think I have any unusual settings (cookies are enabled, etc) and I realize there might be a config change I need to make in my browser, but really this is something that should be fixed on the dev end long term if that is the case.

THANK YOU for using good web security development practices though!

Forbidden (403)
CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.

Yikes! Thanks for flagging! This is a bug, shall fix.

This will happen if you have the web page open at the same time as the dashboard. One workaround is to keep the web page open in an incognito tab; I think that will work…

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Ah, makes total sense now, I should have thought of that. I just made a bunch of updates and kept the display open in another browser while making updates in my main browser. Incognito did not work with Chrome, but using a separate browser (in my case Chrome for settings and Edge for display) or obviously in a ‘production’ environment all would be fine.

Thanks for the response and a great product! Looking forward to the fix though since it’s helpful for testing and setup purposes to have in the same browser.

Small update to a pesky issue: This should be fixed now!