Create Multiple Kegs at a time?

Would it be possible to add the ability when we go to “Create Keg” to be able to create multiples of the same keg. We are using this in our brewery and it would save a lot of time if we could enter a keg quantity for each keg size and do it one time as opposed to 20.

I think we can make that happen!

Is the typical situation you’ve just kegged a new beer, and want to have the keg room inventory (eg 10 kegs) match the real world?

Yes, exactly. If we do a batch of beer that produces 20 sixtels and 4 half barrels. I’d like to be able to create a keg. Select quantity “20” and then select 1/6 barrel. And it add that quantity to the keg room. Then i could go back and create the half barrels. It would really help with inventory management.

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Ok, perfect. We can get this added - a bit surprised nobody has asked before, to be honest!

Do you track batches by a batch code or anything similar? (We can include “created date” automatically, but just thinking we could also add an optional text entry at the same time.)

a “created date” or “kegged date” would be awesome!

Deployed! You can now specify a quantity when creating a keg from the keg room. Example:

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I will for sure use this feature. This is great!

Glad to hear it, @gleoncavallo! Enjoy!