Corny Keg (2.5/3 gal)


How can I add a new keg type and associated image(s) for my smaller-sized Corny Keg (2.5/3 gal)? Thanks!


Hey Mikey,

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do (from an artwork perspective) to help scale the five gallon corny keg to 2.5 gallons,

and three gallons,

These crude mock-ups are based on,

5.0 G - 25.0" H x 8.50" D = 2538 x 942 pixels
3.0 G - 17.0" H x 8.50" D = 1726 x 942 pixels
2.5 G - 14.5" H x 8.50" D = 1472 x 942 pixels

I’m not sure what’s needed from a favicon perspective in terms of artwork.


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The two are so close in size that a single entry [e.g., Corny Keg (2.5/3 gal)] is probably sufficient, in my opinion, but my suggestion is that the functionality of having it defined in the keg size selection list in order to differentiate it from full 5 gallon Corny keg taps would be useful to many people.


Many of us are using keg monitors. With some keg monitor implementations, it may be helpful to know the actual keg size (2.5 vs 3 gallon). More “intelligent” keg monitors can get this information from Of course, “dumb” (stateless) keg monitors can simply debit the pour volume without needing to know / maintain the keg size, start volume, volume served, …

Personally, if it’s not too much additional work, I think we’d benefit from being able to differentiate between 2.5 and 3 gallon corny kegs. Again, I’d be willing to help with the artwork if Mikey can explain the favicon requirement. If the artwork is an issue, to your point, 2.5 and 3 gallon corny kegs could always share the same artwork, but could be still be configured / selected uniquely. I’m assuming it’s rather trivial to add two new selections to the keg type menu. The effort is the artwork.


P.S. You could always use a tap image as a temporary work-around. This is an actual screenshot,

Of course, it would be difficult to maintain different colors / SRM values.

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