Copy Kegs and Reuse

Just thought of something. I currently make 10 gallons at a time, and usually switch 1 thing or so on each 5 gallon “batch”. But essentially end up with similar beers. Would be nice to have a “copy keg” option so that if 1 keg is ready you add it to a tap, then you can kick it, and replace it with a copy of the keg but with slight changes if need be.

Also, I am not sure; when you kick a keg, does it stay in your database? Would be nice if it did too…just in case you make that beer again someday.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Nice idea!

So there are two concepts, beverages and kegs. Both stick around when you kick a keg: the keg goes to the keg room in the “kicked” area, while beverages are always available in the DB for creating new kegs.

Sounds like you might want “copy a beverage”, or really, “copy this kegs beverage and make a new keg from the copy” – either/both should be straightforward to add, so I’ll keep this open! (Ok there, I said what you said just more complicated :slight_smile: )