Connect a Plaato Keg to (launched)

How do you change the view from Sanke keg to Corny keg?

I think it’s usually a day or two, although maybe someone has a more recent example.

From the Keg Room, find the keg, and edit the Type field.

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Did something happen with the Plaato connection? Mine worked months now no longer updates on Taplist? Does a new API key need to be obtained every time Plaato does an update? Not sure when exactly it stopped

No, no major changes or interruptions on our side - I am seeing the synchronization job running continuously & updating lots of accounts. What’s your public taplist URL? I can check your configuration for any errors (we have sometimes seen API keys stop working, although it’s been rare).

Its Temperature and volume have not changed

Same issue here… no longer seeing my kegs’ remaining amount on display. Looking at the integration page, there’s no longer PLAATO integration anywhere on there.

My public URL is

Sorry… should add that it appears on the web display, but not the app display.

Ok… so something seems to be off with PLAATO at the moment.

PLAATO says my keg has 82%. Taplist says 98%. When I went to On Tap to configure keg, I had to click “update” for the API keys on all 3 taps. Keg level has still not changed.

EDIT: My concern above with the keg image not displaying was because I had “show logo” checked. When unchecked, the keg image is back but the level is not changing.

What’s even more weird is if I call up my site on the web based system, on two different Apple devices, one has the temperature at 38.75 and the other has 36.01

Okay, I believe we’ve narrowed this down: We recently found some instances where the public web page was being aggressively cached (by browsers, and perhaps intermediate proxies if any). Fast page loads are cool - but stale ones are not!

This specific issue is now resolved. Can you please try reloading your menu and see if improved?

Separately - we will be adding logs into the Plaato integration tab: Last attempt date/time, and results. Hope this will make “is it working” questions much easier to understand (not that you should have to ever debug it!)

Happy Friday, everyone!

You can now configure your web menu to show Keg volume in text or meter format, in addition to the illustrations.

To enable: from Web Settings, see Options → Show remaining volume

Give it a spin and let me know what you think. Cheers!

Still not working for me… but the Auth Token boxes on all 3 taps are now empty. Is there anyway to recall them or do I need to email Plaato support for 3 tokens again?


Mine took a little longer than that, but they eventually replied.
Thanks Mikey. This works like a champ. Appreciate it.

Ok… emailed PLAATO support and got auth keys for all 3 taps. They responded within 24 hours (which is MUCH faster than the first time I emailed them when I first got the PLAATO kegs - that time was like 2-3 weeks.)

After inputting and updating the auth keys, all is working as it should again. AWESOME!


Hi! New to Taplist. I just setup the integration to my Plaato kegs. I absolutely love the integration!!! I was just wondering if the temperature (sensor data) is available for the TV display.


I was just wondering the same thing, given that the Tilt integration already captures temperature…

What is the best way to figure out why the volumes are not updating? Mine stopped a few weeks ago and the Plaato Kegs’s seem to be working fine with the Plaato app.


By letting me know here! Rats, I thought we had resolved all of these. Will look into logs - unless you ripped out the API keys, nothing you could have done should break this.

Just FYI Mikey… it seems like a couple weeks ago all the API keys got dumped. I had to get new keys from PLAATO to get mine back working. Maybe something on their end or yours, but users experiencing the PLAATO kegs no longer reporting to Taplist within the last 30 days or so are likely experiencing the same thing.

I am going to request new API keys and see if that fixes as Jason reports.