Connect a Plaato Keg to (launched)

I understand. Let me know if I can help somehow.

I’ve noticed on my web page that each tap shows the temperature setting from the PLAATO keg. Is it possible to turn this off? I can’t find any configuration setting for it, and what I’d like is for it to be shown on my display instead (again, preferably configurable)

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Hey @a.kane - sorry for the undocumented surprise! We will be adding both of those options shortly.

Integration worked well for me apart from i have NO OPTION to change the keg temp from US fahrenheit? i presume that is something that needs addressing on the Taplist side… as Plaato is showing me Celcius in its app

On it! Very aware that most of the civilized world uses different units than the US :slight_smile:

This is just an option that isn’t exposed yet but yes, you’ll be able to toggle your preferred units & even turn this on off.

Thanks for your patience here - this feature went out a little early, you shouldn’t ordinarily be surprised like this!

Update: You can now configure units in the dashboard under Location Info.

Full control of this feature coming next!

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Update: You can now toggle the temperature on and off under Web Settings: see the new Show sensor data option.

Have integrated one Plaato keg with taplist as pr. instructions here. However, the volume left in the keg does not update at all. It’s still showing full keg. The actual content is at 90% according to the Plaato app.

Any ideas?

Hey @grevling! We can definitely troubleshoot. Can you try seeing what the reported volume is in the dashboard? Do the following:

  1. From the dashboard, go to On Tap
  2. Find the keg and click Edit keg
  3. Look just under the keg icon. Do you see a volume reported?


If a volume is reported, but it’s right round 90%, this might be normal.

Currently kegs show different graphics for:

  • 90-100% (looks “full”; & might be what you are seeing)
  • 70-90%
  • 50-70%
  • 30-50%
  • 15-30%
  • 5-15%
  • 0-5%

If you pour a little more, you should see the level change.

If this was the issue, our apologies for the confusion. It’s recently caught a couple folks by surprise, so we’re working to regenerate the keg artwork to be more “continuous”. Cheers!

It’s right at 90%, so I guess that’s it than. I’ll see if it changes on the next pour. Looking forward to the new “continous” artwork.


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Is there any update on the “continuous” artwork for kegs? I use the Plaato Keg devices and have those integrated, but being able to see the volume remaining in the keg visually would be hugely helpful.

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Just subscribed just to use this integration. Waiting on Plaato keys, will report back when I get it all working!

Also interested in seeing temperature (from plaato), and a date when keg was tapped displayed. You could even display an average rate then, or what is popular during happy hours.

So far no love. I get 401 when running by hand via curl or in a simple python program. doesn’t work either, but unable to find where logs would be to see the result of probing the API.

Here is what I am running from python for instance:
>>> key = ‘xxxxxx’
>>> headers = {‘Authorization’: key}
>>> url = ‘
>>> r = requests.get(url, headers=headers)
>>> r
<Response [401]>

Hmm yeah that sounds like a bum API key. We don’t expose the logs because, well, we thought nobody should have to deal with that!

Have you tried reaching out to plaato?

Yep, reached out and sent some examples. Hopefully they ping me back and it’s something stupid I did and easy to fix!

Looks like Plaato was removed from the integrations options.

Still there - look under On Tap → Configure Tap.

I would like to have text represetation eg “19L remaining” under my keg image on both web and display. How can I enable this?


How long does it take PLAATO to respond back? I emailed them on Instagram and waiting on a response, but meanwhile they’re posting on IG. It’s only been 1 day, but damn I’m excited to integrate Taplist and my PLAATOs.