Connect a Plaato Keg to (launched)

If you own a Plaato Keg, you can connect it to your account!

When integrated, your keg volumes will be automatically synchronized, and your keg illustrations will reflect that. Here’s an example:

This integration is available to all users.

How to integrate your Plaato Keg with

Just follow these steps:

  1. Request your auth token(s) from Plaato. Follow instructions here to request your auth tokens from Plaato. You will receive 1 token for every Plaato Keg device you own.
    • It would be awesome if you mention when requesting, so the Plaato folks can keep track of demand.
  2. Configure your tap(s). Go to Account → Integrations → Plaato Keg and paste in your first auth token. Set the Tap you want it to update. Press save. Repeat for any additional devices.
  3. That’s it! Your keg volumes will be periodically scanned and updated in the UI.

Known issues and limitations

Known issues and limitations for this integration will be posted below.

  • Slow refresh: Because the Plaato API does not currently support streaming updates, we are only able to update keg status on an interval. Currently we check for updates every 10 minutes, although this may change without notice.
  • Volume synchronization only: The integration does not currently support synchronizing metadata (like beverage names) between Plaato and

This feature has now launched! Feel free to reply here if you have any questions or feedback. You can find our helpdesk article on the integration here:


Nice work Mikey! Works great, now I just need to empty some fermenters!


Nice Work! Love it!

Thank you Mike! Works well and is awesome. image

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FYI: The folks contacted me on Instagram (@lionhorsebeer) regarding information as they are writing a blog post for this integration. Here is some information I shared with them - as an FYI:


I would like to integrate my Plaato Kegs with my account.

My Plaato user name is: (removed)

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Many Thanks


I’m using PLAATO Kegs integrated with Taplist, which is great for monitoring keg levels and helps plan when to do the next brew. However, after I had purchased more PLAATO Kegs, PLAATO have been unresponsive when I have requested auth tokens from them. Anyone know a work-around to get the PLAATO Kegs integrated on Taplist?

Hey Dave! Hmm, I haven’t heard of any general holdups - I’m guessing they’re just a little hit-or-miss on responding to support.

You might try pinging them on Instagram, if you have an account, as they seem to be pretty active there.

Thanks Mikey. I’ve sent them a message - see if I get a reply.

Hey Mikey - a quick bit of feedback. Instagram worked well to get hold of PLAATO - they responded the same day and issued the auth tokens today. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Plaato sent me my four auth tokens in two business days. I followed the directions and now Plaato Keg info is nicely displayed on my Taplist. Worked without problems. Thanks!


I used Taplis flawless for months - I had to move my keezer - had to reset plaato to a different WiFi network - got new Tokens from Plaato - and now I can not put the new Tokens in. Anyone else having issues with putting in tokens atm?

Thanks for writing in and helping us fix this, Tobias! The issue should now be resolved.

I’m not understanding how to display the keg usage. My auth token is entered correctly per tap but there is no option to display them on my public page. The Plaato integration does appear to be working… I shows up correctly in the keg room, just not on my public page. What am I missing?

@bluemodena Are you looking for text representation (eg “67% left” or “10L remaining”)? Or are you saying the illustrations aren’t showing up? If it’s the latter, let me know your list number and we can debug. Cheers!

Hi Mikey. I’m not getting anything at this point, so it’s hard to say if I will want once it’s working. I’m not sure what you mean by my list number. 835233?

Note, I’m also not seeing the manual adjustment either

Update: We figured it out! Connected over DM. It turns out this was a limitation of Web Settings.

We’ve fixed this by adding a new option to web settings: You can set it to always show illustrations. (Previously, presence of a logo would hide the illustration.)

Amazing turn-around in this Mikey! Talk about fantastic support! Cheers.

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Hi there,
I’ve test driven the feature for about two weeks and I have noticed my kegs don’t seem to get updated automatically. I need to re-enter my auth key on the tap settings in order for it to update. Interestingly, when I set my auth-key, even though it’s the same already entered, I get an invalid auth-key message. I need to remove the auth-key, save, re-enter auth-key, save and then I can see the kegs updating their levels.

Any idea why this is happening?

Hmm! Let me check logs, taps should auto update within 10 minutes. Occasionally we’ve seen unexplainable errors from the upstream API, would like to rule it out.