Coming soon: for iOS (iPad, Apple TV)

Thought I’d kick off a thread for this… with a poll!

Would you be interested in a Display application for iOS? By “display application”, this would be similar to our FireTV app - it shows the menu and cannot be used for management. Meant to be long running on a device.

  • Yes, I would use it on an iPad
  • Yes, I would use it on an Apple TV
  • Nope, wouldn’t use

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I’ll update this thread once we’re ready for some beta testers. Feel free to chime in here with any other questions or plans you’ve got in mind!

Would 100% get me back to the product after being away trying alternatives.

Ideal timing possibly with house move and brewery build coming up!!!

Alright!! We’re on it!

Great to hear, too. I have a maybe weird additional reason for building this: I have one old AppleTV and one old iPad that I’d love to keep out of the e-waste landfill. Give 'em a second life showing off beers!

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That’s a really good thought. I’ve currently got an idle iPad that doesn’t do much other than trying to get keg ninja on it. An iPad mini for Tilt and then the Apple TV for proper use.

In the new Garage brewery this will all be in the one room so will be able to have the mini for ‘customers’, the iPad mounted on the kegerator and the ATV in the background when there’s no sports on.


I hit IPad but I would use Apple TV as well!! Especially to keep old electronics still useful!

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Wow there are way more responses here than I expected!

I have good news: The app is working! We will be opening up a TestFlight beta real soon; initially just for AppleTV, but with iPad to follow. Stay tuned!


UPDATE: We have an AppleTV beta ready!

I need a handful of testers who:

  • Have an Apple TV running TvOS
  • Are willing to download the beta and give it a try
  • Are willing to report bugs and suggest improvements!

If you are interested, please reply here and I will send you details. Thanks!

Still got a couple spots open - reply or DM if you’d like to give the Apple TV app a whirl!

Interested in testing beta pls