Coming soon: Multi-venue support


Do you want to manage multiple taplists? If so this feature will be for you.

Venues have distinct URLs, taps, displays, and keg rooms; but share a beverage database and of course your login. This makes it easier to manage two (or more) locations.

If you’re interested in something like this, let me know, as I’ll need a few early testers. Cheers!


I’d be interested in something like this. I think this is a great idea for pro’s as described but I’ll be honest what I’d use it for is keep the display on my kegerator on Jumbo to highlight the label art and then use the Griddy on my tablet so my friends and guests can look at my selection before they go downstairs to pull a pint. This would probably just mean I’d have to create 2 of each keg in the keg room after kegging but I think that’s an easy step to get the desired outcome.

Just thinking about this more, doing this would allow me to add whatever commercial beers I have on hand (typically 3 or 4 options) as additional taps and change the tap number to bottle logos as other have said they’re doing. Would be great. Let me know if you need beta testers.


I would be very interested in this feature. I’m currently looking for a way to allow customers all over the state to view all the locations in their area that have my beers on tap. My hope is to have a map layout with markers indicating where the beers are available and then when they click on a location they get a list of everything that is currently on tap at that particular location.


interested in this feature


Yes…having an Option to Manage several Meau Boards would be great…

Two Locations,Two Different Menus

I’m definitely interested in this idea.


Definately interested in this as our “brewery” has 2 locations.


This would interest us all so.


Another +1 for this feature!


If your still looking for some testers I’d be interested in this feature.


interested in this feature