Chromecast Broadcasting - Not Tab Sharing

I happen to have a few Chromecasts sitting around my house. My initial plan is to just “broadcast a tab” with the page for my kegerator monitor, but it would be nice to have a more native approach like the Fire TV.

I’m not terribly familiar with the Chromecast programming, but if it were simple it would be nice.

I’ve wondered about this too, but haven’t had much time to explore the chromecast API. If any intrepid developer wants to step up and give it a shot, I’d be happy to provide some pointers. It basically boils down to getting a browser running against a special “display” URL on

Here’s a way:

That does look ideal, the ability to run multiple casts also adds some interesting possibilities for commercial establishments that have more taps than a single monitor can comfortably support.

Sadly, reading through his documentation reminded me how completely useless I am when it comes to programming. I will have to wait for one of the more savvy folks to think through combining your service with a chrome app.

yeah for a single chromecast, it’s overkill.

Just joined here and set up my tap list. I have a TV in my bar with a Chromecast on it. What I did was use the Google Home (old Chromecast) app, and in that you can cast the entire screen. Then open up the (which I sideloaded the apk on to my Pixel phone and other devices), and your taplist screen will be casted to the TV!

I also installed “Hide System Bar” from the Play store and that allows you to hide the system bars so all thats on your screen is the Taplist app list. I grabbed an old phone I wasnt using and set all this up and it stays plugged in by the bar casting 24/7. So whenever I turn the TV on I have my Tap list!